Escape to a colourful world.

Paper Bird Island is an immersive creative space for you to enjoy a light-hearted, fun activity. A way to connect and share time with your loved ones in a relaxed environment, away from screens and outside stresses.  You will leave with an object that brings you joy and happy memories that you will cherish forever. 

*Currently we operate from Thorning Street (off Island Street) in Salcombe ONLY as a shop selling take-away kits, art materials and gifts for babies and children.  BUT...

...We have our new sit-in space in Kingsbridge COMING SOON!  Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

(Opening times in Salcombe are atleast 10.30 - 3pm EVERY DAY during school holidays... and 12-3pm on most days outside of school holidays. Usually closed Mondays. I'm often open earlier and stay open later than these times)